HIDE012 - 2021

"BEGINNINGS" is a remastered archive of the first three Alex Ortiga's works (Blinded, 2018; New Economy, 2020; Always Moving Under the Surface, 2021). The 2018-2021 archive presents the tracks with a new sound, characterized by an analog tube mastering by Giacomo Bisaro (No-oN). The tracks are ordered in a non-chronological order to create a new narrative.

This 2 hours archive merges the three different concepts of the three records to cover a full range of thoughts about human relationships: the relationship between human and data in "Blinded", the relationship between human and society in "New Economy", the relationship between human and the self in "Always Moving Under the Surface".

Produced by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN).
Mixed by Alex Ortiga, Leonardo Rizzi and YourOhm Studio.
Mastered by Giacomo Bisaro (No-oN).
Artwork by Alex Ortiga, logo design by Kazuhiro Aihara


HIDE006 - 2020

"New Economy" is a 42-minutes music piece recorded during 2019. It comes alongside with a book realized by Alex Ortiga and 1558M language processing model.

The book is a collection of sci-fi short stories, at the same time it is also presented as a socio-economic analysis of the era in which we live and a graphic design art-book. "New Economy" is a sound representation of a chaotic reality, which moves between cryptocurrencies, blockchains, poverty and anarchy.

New Economy sound aesthetic is characterized by the use of granular synthesizers on both rhythmic and melodic elements. Combining processed results of found art and field recordings of classical instruments (choirs, organs, strings, etc) it creates a hybrid and hard-to-recognize soundscape.

Produced by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN) during 2019

It features synth textures by Marco Zanella (Ankubu) on track 1 and 4.

Mixed by YourOhm Studio.

Mastered by Matthias Girardi (Weightausend)


HIDE001 - 2018

“Blinded” is a 35-minutes work recorded during 2017, published the 17th December 2018 by N E T H E R & HIDE. Blinded is divided into 3 movements:

1) Blinded I: EX_ST/EXI_T Air P = F / S pipe (10:42)

2) Ascension: 26,246 beyond…connection (12:40)

3) Blinded II: Social_Network_Security [ dead-center piano ] (11:53)

In these three parts, the relationship between human and digital is analysed through a narrative perspective, which also considers the inavitable hybridization of man and how both the collective and individual consciousness may increasingly change. However, the main aim is not to lead the listener to think of themes such as the evolution of humanity in technical and critical terms. It is, on the contrary, to create and put the listener in an audiovisual world distant in time, where everything already took place and there is no more the conception of individuality, but rather an unique entity of data that merely exist.

To enter this reality, an app has been developed with Unity (download link included into bandcamp digital download, and into physical copies). This app contains not only a 3D world, but also the album itself, whose tracks can be listened in different ways according to where the player decides to go.

Blinded was produced and recorded by Alex Ortiga during 2017

Mixed by Leonardo Rizzi

Mastered by Matthias Girardi (Weightausend)

Artwork concept and design by Alex Ortiga & Alberto Bertelli

Blinded application realized by Alex Ortiga & Francesco Chiarandini (3D modeling and graphics by Alex Ortiga, scripting by Francesco Chiarandini)